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The TOS in the USA’s website is an interactive site that allows you to upload your own contributions directly. Your contribution may be about any TOS relevant topic anywhere in the world. For more information about how to make contributions click here.

The Theosophical Order of Service in the United States . . .

Membership in the TOS-USA is automatic for all members of The Theosophical Society in America and any non-TSA member who donates funds to the TOS-USA. As our membership is scattered across the country, local TOS groups elect or appoint a person as laison who communicates with the national TOS board about local projects they have undertaken and any needs they may have. Our Liaison E-Newsletter helps them to keep in touch with each other and to stay abreast of what other local TOS-USA groups are doing. Anyone may subscribe to this e-newsletter via our website.

The TOS-USA also publishes a magazine, For The Love of Life, that contains stories and articles on a chosen theme centered around one of our areas of service, which are: Animals, Arts & Music, Ecology, Family, Healing, Peace and Social Services. The submission of articles is always welcome.

Our healing network consists of groups and individuals across the country who perform healing services on a regular basis. Names of those in need may be submitted nationally and internationally via our website, and are kept on the healing list for one month. We recently started a new healing network specifically for animals. Names of animals in need of healing may also be submitted via our website.

One of the goals of the TOS-USA is to stay active and vibrant. Our focus is on projects which currently include:

  • The promotion of and contribution to the international matching grant program for the Golden Link College, a thesophically-oriented educational establishment in the suburbs of Manila in the Philippines. This fundraising effort not only helps the children in their schooling, but strengthens  the bonds we have created with our TOS brothers and sisters throughout the world.
  • Assistance to the children of the Chushul Home in Tibet.
  • The maintenance of a battery recycling program across the country.
  • Continued assistance to the children and elders of the Rosebud Native American Reservation in South Dakota and computer assistance to the tribal newspaper.
  • The awarding of scholarships to Native American nursing students.
  • The awarding of grants to a homeless shelter in the local Wheaton area, and to several animal rescue facilities around the country.
  • The planting of trees in memory or in honor of war veterans with the amount of the donation in excess of the cost of the tree passed on to a veteran’s organization of the donor’s choice.
  • Many local groups and individuals have donated time and money to food banks, homeless shelters, hospices, animal shelters and other projects in their areas.

We warmly encourage visitors to this page to get in touch with us if they would like to join us in our work. We welcome your ideas and look forward to seeing the creation of new local TOS groups throughout the country or working with our international brothers and sisters on issues that affect us all.


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