Meet one of our newest correspondents


Mrs Breda Zagar, Correspondent for the TOS in Slovenia


As the new Correspondent of the TOS, Breda Zagar is enjoying the opportunity of collaborating with her husband Dusan, the Organising Secretary of the TS, in developing the work of the TOS and the TS in an integrated and harmonious way.

Bringing to the role her communication skills as a Slovene language teacher, Breda coordinates the work of the four TOS groups in Slovenia, providing support for such activities as the collection of materials for a shelter for injured wild animals, a daily meditation for peace, the donation of food to a soup kitchen, educational sponsorships for needy children and the channelling of donations to the Social Welfare Centre and the HPB Hostel at Adyar.

What Breda likes about the TOS work is the genuinely friendly cooperation amongst the TOS representatives of the TS branches.  Working with them is a real joy.  When there is unity, there is nothing that can’t be tackled, Breda feels !  Important features of the work for her are this brotherly cooperation and a spontaneous sense of duty to help others whenever it is within one’s power to assist – without a self-conscious sense of being a ‘helper’.  When one is really open, really eager to help, then the work itself will appear.  There is no need to search for it, Breda believes.



In this photo, we see Breda (centre) surrounded by the TOS representatives in the four TS branches of Slovenia. 

From left to right: Mrs. Cvetka Maher of Surya-Svit Lodge in Maribor, Mrs. Vojka Hocevar of Lodge Surya in the city of Koper, Breda Zagar, (TOS Correspondent), Mrs. Blanka Blaj Borstnar of Lodge Understanding, Celje, and Mrs Irena Zalar of Adyar Lodge, Ljubljana.