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TOS in Australia


Members of the Perth TOS group presented a session on Transformation in Society at the Annual Convention of the Theosophical Society in Australia in January 2009.

Here we see panel members Bheena Sewnarain (on left), Rhonda Phillips (on right) and George Wester (in front) with Carolyn Harrod, National Coordinator of the TOS in Australia.

Bheena spoke about her work with the successful Alternatives to Violence program that is offered in prisons and community centres, while Rhonda shared stories from her professional work with a religious order. George concluded the session by talking about examples from his Theosophical and professional work that have the potential to transform society.


In February 2009 TOS members from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba got together for a weekend of work to help maintain the National Theosophical Society’s Centre at Springbrook. With great energy, the group spruced up the buildings and tidied the surrounding gardens.

These regular working-bees also provide time for relaxation in the beautiful rainforest environment as well as lots of opportunities for getting to know fellow TOS enthusiasts.



TOS in India

  The education of needy children forms a significant part of the work of the TOS. Children in the town of Orai in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India are given after-class coaching by the local TOS group. The girls enjoy learning traditional Indian dance. This project is supported in part by members of the TOS in France. Mr Krishnan L. Gupta is the devoted member in charge of the work done here.

TOS in Italy



Inspired by the article on Teddies for Tragedy in the last electronic newsletter, Italian TS member, Maria Teresa Elicio (on the right in the photo) and her husband, Marco Rinaldi Chini (also an Italian member) promoted the project, ‘infecting’ female friends. The first to be ‘contaminated’ by them was Marco’s mum, Maria Teresa Tinivella (on the left).



The Italian knitting team who lovingly created cuddly teddies for children in traumatic situations.



The enthusiasm of the Italian knitting team has resulted in 58 beautiful teddies being sent to the TOS in the UK, for distribution through the Teddies for Tragedy project.


TOS in the Philippines



We have been hearing so much about the Golden Link School lately that we might overlook the fact that the TOS in the Philippines runs a significant number of other schools.  Here is a photo taken at a Learning Centre for pre-schoolers in a depressed area of outer Manila. In this photo we see the children with the International Secretary of the TOS, Diana Dunningham Chapotin, and some of the TOS volunteers who have made the centre possible:

Miss Rekha Nahar (front left), Mr Vicente Hao Chin Jnr. (middle back) and the class teacher, Miss Lorie (back right).


TOS in the USA



Tim Boyd, the President of the TOS in the USA, has launched a project to help build a proper bathroom with several showers, toilets and sinks for the Chushul Orphanage in Tibet.  With a number of Theosophists, Tim travelled in Tibet last year and was able to see the orphanage’s needs for himself.

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