Meet some of the TOS team in the United Kingdom


The TOS (UK) has been promoting the application of theosophical principles for just over 100 years. Its activities include raising funds, making donations to various causes and individual members helping charities in their own locality.

Since 2007, the TOS (UK) has been encouraging Lodges in the English TS Section to have an ambassador for the TOS. These Ambassadors promote the TOS amongst Lodge members and in general try to raise the profile of the TOS within the Lodge.

We invite you to meet some of their key workers and learn about a few of their service activities.



Maureen Atkinson, Chair, is the unflappable Captain of the Good Ship TOS (UK) steering its course with a steady hand and keen foresight. At her initiative the sixth form girls at Westholme School, Blackburn, Lancashire, have been encouraged to knit teddies. Mrs Pamela Martin, Head of her year, as well as her other duties, teaches knitting and encourages the school to work together for the benefit of others. Maureen goes to the school every year to speak to the girls about the TOS and receive the teddies.


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Cornelia Crowther is a dedicated worker of the TOS (UK) flying the flag for the TOS at every opportunity. At meetings held at Theosophical Society headquarters at 50 Gloucester Place, London, Cornelia has a stall of items to sell to raise funds for the TOS. Besides this, she takes items to sell at meetings in other places when Colin Price has been invited to give a talk. In addition, Cornelia organises music concerts to raise funds for the TOS. She is a real gem.



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Every organisation needs a good treasurer. The TOS (UK) could not have asked for a better one than Greta Walker. Greta balances the books, collects the membership subscriptions and donations, banks the funds raised and sends out the TOS (UK) donations made each year to the various charities that they support.


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Cynthia and Atma Trasi (below) are the National Coordinator and Secretary of the TOS (UK). To the right of them are helpers, Maureen Ford and Ivy Pope.






Every Christmas, TOS (UK) and TS members and friends, especially in the North West Federation of the Theosophical Society in England, fill empty shoe boxes with various items such as toiletries, chocolate, etc. and wrap them up as presents to hand out to the homeless and old people all over the world.





Undoubtedly, the biggest project that the TOS (UK) has taken on is knitting teddies. The scheme was set up by an organisation called Teddies for Tragedies and about twelve years ago, the TOS (UK) adopted this scheme and got members, relatives and friends interested in knitting teddy bears. During this period they have sent some 9,000 teddies abroad. Teddies have been donated from as far afield as the Orkney Islands and even from TS members in Italy!





You will have heard the phrase ‘breeding like rabbits’ but surely not ‘breeding like teddy bears’! Well, that seems to be the case in Cynthia and Atma’s home for the last 15 months or so. At present, they have large black plastic bin-bags filled with beautifully knitted colourful teddy bears waiting to be transported to the warehouse from where they will be distributed abroad in third world countries to poor children in hospitals. Doctors who treat children in third world countries are asking for them, as they have found that children who have their own teddy to cuddle in their cots get better quicker than those who don't have one. Each child keeps their own teddy and can take it home, so the doctors need a continual supply.



When you think TOS (UK) you tend to also think teddies, so it’s no surprise that to commemorate the Centenary of the TOS in 2008, they produced bookmarks and a set of colourful A6 size greeting cards in 4 different designs incorporating the teddies. The cards are blank inside for personal messages and are suitable for any occasion. They are being sold as packs of 4 different cards with envelopes, for £1, to raise money for the various charities that TOS (UK) supports.



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