Getting to know the Italian TOS

  Sharing the view that no theosophical path exists without service to humanity in the spirit of universal brotherhood, the TS appreciates and supports the TOS’s initiatives. In fact the two teams work in close collaboration. TS members are fully informed of what’s going on around the world in the TOS and of opportunities to participate. The TS’s General Secretary, Antonio Girardi, also takes the time from his very busy schedule to try to understand the overall vision of the TOS internationally speaking and to give (very welcome!) advice.

Some 30 TS branches and centres are involved in TOS activities. Eighteen groups meet regularly to meditate for world peace, six perform the TOS healing ritual and four a ceremony called ‘The Mother of the World’. The education of well over a hundred underprivileged children is sponsored. Nearly 100 Theosophists offer assistance to the elderly and ill and about 90 are active in promoting the vegetarian ethic.

Members of Aurora TS Lodge (Vicenza)


Last Christmas Patrizia Caldo, of Aurora Theosophical Lodge, organised a charity bazaar at the Italian Theosophical Headquarters to raise funds for humanitarian projects. Every member brought something they had made or donated to be sold in the bazaar evening.



Key TOS and TS workers from Aurora TS Lodge


  Fundraising poster


Goods for sale at the charity bazaar

Donations are collected for the Olcott School at Adyar, for the literacy home-schools run by the TOS in Pakistan, for the Golden Link School in the Philippines and most recently for disaster relief in Myanmar (Burma), amongst a number of other projects.

At the moment everyone is excited about hosting the TS World Congress in Rome in mid-July 2010. TS and TOS members alike are looking forward to meeting overseas guests and exchanging experiences and ideas.


In the meantime they are engaging in enjoyable activities such as supporting the Teddies for Tragedies project for which the TOS in England does so much. This involves knitting teddies for children in developing countries who are hospitalised.  In fact the knitting team has just decided to send its next batch of teddies directly to the TOS in Dar es Salaam for distribution to the young children who are flown to India for heart surgery. This collaboration between the TOS in Italy and the TOS in Tanzania is heart-warming. (See the International TOS website’s September featured project for more information about the heart project.)


The Italian knitters: Maria Teresa Elicio, coordinator of the team, and Maria Teresa Tinivella, Maria Teresa Elicio’s mother-in-law.


Tina Trizzino, Rita Zappata, Maria Teresa Mosso, Marisa Lovera, Rosy Berino, Lidia Sartoris, sisters Luigina, Giovanna and Anita also knitted some of these beautiful bears. Carla Nobis made the bags.

  We look forward to meeting our Italian sisters and brothers soon.  

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