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Join the campaign against Zimbabwe's blood diamonds



Social action group, Avaaz, recently reported that Zimbabwean dictator, Robert Mugabe has brutally seized control of his country's diamond fields and is using the profits to finance a vicious political militia.

Avaaz is calling for concerned people to join their campaign and sign an electronic petition on their website at

All diamond-producing countries know that their profits are dependent on the brand reputation of diamonds, and that increasing awareness of ‘blood diamonds’ threatens that brand. A massive global petition will show them that the diamond-buying public is demanding action.


Zimbabwe's diamonds used to be mined by local people. However, in the last several months, Mugabe's thugs have brutally taken over, murdering up to 200 civilians. An international investigation in July found "horrific violence against civilians".

The profits from these ‘blood diamonds’ are being used to finance a political militia that has already killed thousands of Zimbabweans, and threatens the fragile unity government in the country. Letting Mugabe keep these diamonds could finance a whole new war.

All of us are learning the ways in which our decisions about what we buy and do can affect the lives of our fellow human beings half a world away. If you buy diamond jewellery, ask where the diamond was mined and refuse to buy diamonds from countries that trade them in violence.

‘Blood diamonds’ really are tainted with a history of brutality and suffering!


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