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Issue12 - Oct 2010

Miles StandishMeet Miles Standish
from the TOS in America


There’s surely no one in the TS and TOS in America who doesn’t love longstanding TOS member, Miles Standish from the little town of Cottonwood, Arizona!  In recent years, Miles has done a great deal of website work for the TOS-USA but now his son Lloyd has taken over as Webmaster, and he can concentrate his energy on a cause in which he believes: the preservation of First American culture and spirituality. 

In the name of the TOS and of his computer club, over the past few years Miles has collected and delivered items to the Sioux tribe on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, to the Hualapai in northern Arizona and to the San Carlos Apache Reservation in eastern Arizona.  He has driven through sleet and snow to deliver blankets and winter clothing to his friends.  He collected, restored and set up six computers for each of these groups.  More recently he has concentrated on shoring up the Sicangu Sun Times for the Rosebud Reservation as he feels that an independently owned and operated newspaper on the reservation is vital to the health and progress of the people.  Some of this was reported on the website of TOS-USA, and the publisher appointed Miles to the editorial board of the paper. More details at:

Miles is a member of the TOS board of directors.  He feels that a thriving TOS can be a help to the TS because service work in a group setting can be more invigorating than when alone.  He says, “Selfless service is plainly identified as the highest form of action for anyone aspiring to 'get on with evolution’.  Jesus emphasised it, Blavatsky emphasised it and it's the underlying theme of At the Feet of the Master.  The world is always grateful to anyone who serves.”

One of our most faithful and enthusiastic TOS members, Miles began glider pilot training in October last year, soloed in November and completed his practical test in December.  Last May, he made this special flight.  Note his wife Lea stowed in the passenger seat.  Greater faith hath no woman!  The other two ladies in the photo are long-time friends who were at their wedding 31 years ago.  Miles has this to say to us all: “The next time you pass through Arizona, I hope you will go flying with me!  Afterwards, we’ll go to lunch together and we can exchanges ideas on TOS work.”

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