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 International TOS Conference 2013



The Theosophical Society in America National Headquarters,
Wheaton, Illinois (Chicago) U.S.A.
Wednesday July 24 to Friday July 26, 2013

We are happy to announce that the TS and TOS in America have kindly agreed to host
a three-day international TOS Workers’ Conference at Olcott, its national centre in Wheaton, Illinois. 

TOS office-bearers and those with responsibilities in the TOS at
international, national or local level are warmly invited to attend.

All are cordially invited to participate in the five-day
Convention and Summer National Gathering of the TS in America
immediately preceding the Conference,  
from July 19 to July 23.

Participants will be actively involved throughout the TOS Conference. The goals of the conference are to:

  • review the current international Plan of Action and ensure that it takes into account the needs of each country for the period 2014-2018;
  • involve each participant in implementing part of the Plan of Action;
  • deepen links amongst active TOS workers and increase the effectiveness of their collaboration.

To apply to stay at Olcott in Wheaton, you must be a member of the TS and have a letter of recommendation from the General Secretary or President of your Section. Nearby accommodations are available at a Holiday Inn with free shuttle service back and forth.  Information about the programme and the cost of accommodation and meals will be provided in the next few months.

The international TOS thanks the TS and TOS in America most sincerely for their generosity in hosting another Conference. 


Diana Dunningham Chapotin                         Carolyn Harrod
TOS International Secretary                           TOS Conference Convenor                     


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