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Golden Link College sponsors external scholars

Regular readers of our newsletter are well and truly familiar with the Golden Link College, the theosophical school established in 2002 in suburban Manila by the Theosophical Society and the Theosophical Order of Service. During the year-end gift-giving and carolling activity of the college’s students in the surrounding areas, it was found that some extremely poor single mothers have as many as 9 children, none of whom are going to school. Without education, they are destined to perpetuate the cycle of poverty. Two years ago, an external scholarship programme was started in order to permit some of the children to study in different public schools.

By next school year, the plan is to increase the scholarship to 100 students.  The programme is being managed by volunteer college students of Golden Link under the supervision of Ms Janice Gapaz, the Student Affairs Officer of Golden Link. This programme is in addition to the internal scholarship programme for hundreds of students who are studying in Golden Link and the other theosophical schools in the Philippines.

Here are photos of a gathering of these external scholars and their parents and scholars at the Kern Hall of Golden Link, where a talk on parenting and the value of education was given.  The scholars received shoes and school supplies. GLC college student volunteers conduct Saturday tutorial classes for these students in language and in mathematics. The scholars are also being guided in personality development and character building. Library books have been made available to them. We have observed the impact of these programmes on both the students and the parents, and it is certain that such intervention will significantly alter the destinies of these families, particularly of the scholars.

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