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‘Hall Of Fame’ art exhibition in Bhubaneswar, India –
a report from TOS group leader, Deepa Padhi

Late last April, the work of Dr Satyakam Das, a talented young handicapped artist, was featured by the TOS in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India, at an art exhibition organised in collaboration with RAKA Art Foundation.

A little over ten years ago, Satyakam had everything going for him. Aged 24, he was a fine army doctor in Pune, married and blessed with a child.  He was an excellent singer, an enthusiastic sportsman and keen amateur artist. Life appeared perfect but then a traffic accident in May 2004 left him with multiple injuries which occasioned two long years in the hospital. His wife and son withdrew, leaving his family plunged in an ocean of grief.

Satyakam, affectionately known as Raja, decided to rebuild his shattered life and faith saw him through. Lying on his bed paralysed in three limbs, he started drawing with his left hand.  He has now made sketches in pencil and charcoal of over a hundred famous people including Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Rabindranath Tagore, Abraham Lincoln, Einstein and many others.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mother Teresa

I had the privilege of meeting Satyakam in January 2014. When I saw his sketches which reflect his courage and his spirit for life, it occurred to me that he needed support to strengthen further his sense of purpose and direction.

Keeping in view the TOS’s objective of lessening suffering in the world with compassion and empathy, the TOS in Bhubaneswar took the initiative of organising an exhibition of Satyakam’s sketches. It was felt that an exhibition would set him on the road to the recognition he deserves.

A great many people from all spheres of life attended the event, particularly artists, art lovers and art students.

It received wide coverage by press and the electronic media.

Satyakam was overwhelmed by the arrangements made by the TOS including his transport by volunteers to the event and the arrangement of press interviews for him.


The chief guest, Dr Chandrabhanu Satpathy, a mystic saint and scholar, inaugurated the exhibition and called upon people to convert their pain into creativity, as Satyakam has done. He said that behind all pain there is tremendous energy which needs to be utilised in a constructive way.

Guest of honour, Dr Dinanath Pathi, an artist of international repute and the chairman of RAKA Art Foundation, said that true artists realise the divinity within them. The more they realise it, the more successful they are as artists.

Dr Shruti Mohapatra, the Commissioner of the Child Protection Commission who herself is disabled, said that disabled persons should not feel helpless or hopeless but rather should strengthen their will power and confidence to achieve their goals.

Satyakam's father spoke about Satyakam's life pre- and post-accident. He has been nursing Satyakam for the last ten years. Satyakam says his father is his hero!  TOS member Sucharita Mohapatra proposed a vote of thanks to the guests present.

To raise the funds necessary to organise the exhibition, the TOS ran jumble sales and sold its calendars promoting gender equality.


Aung San Suu Kyi

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