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There are local TOS groups at most of the centres of the Theosophical Society. See the Australian TOS web pages on the national website for details of their locations and contacts, and of their various activities. Some operate their own websites as well, and if so those are linked from the National TOS web pages.

In Australia, we work in five inter-related areas of service: peace, social service and justice, environment, animal welfare and healing. The specific focuses within these areas vary depending on the particular interests of each group. Service activities in our local communities include:

  • raising awareness of issues through conducting talks and seminars on a variety of topics associated with the TOS service areas
  • holding meditations for World Peace
  • knitting squares to make blankets
  • partnering in community environmental and animal welfare projects
  • tutoring refugees in English and helping them adjust to Australian society
  • adopting a refuge for homeless women
  • volunteering in aged-care centres
  • collecting toys and clothes for relief appeals
  • raising awareness about climate change.

As well as working at a local level, Australian TOS members nationally support educational, social and animal welfare projects run by TOS groups in developing countries. This year we are funding Quandeel home literacy schools organised by the TOS in Pakistan, the Golden Link College in the Philippines, Syrian refugees in Turkey (through the TOS in Italy) and the HPB Hostel for Boys in Adyar.

There are TOS groups at the following places. See the Australian TOS website for details.

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