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Caloocan City North, Metro Manila, Philippines

News and Developments July, 2009

College Department Opens with Two Education Courses

The Golden Link School is now renamed Golden Link College with the opening of its modest college department with two course offerings: Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Elementary Education. The first batch of college students consists of 12 freshmen and 7 sophomore students. Most of them have applied for scholarship grants as they mostly come from very poor families. There were many other applicants who applied but did not meet the minimum entrance qualifications of Golden Link.

The philosophy of the college department is the same as that of the primary and secondary divisions. Based on the belief that individuals must discover the core values of their lives for themselves free from fear, coercion and prejudice, the college is committed to producing educators who see schooling as a preparation for life and not just as a means to earn a better living. Through innovative teaching methods that respect and nurture the individuality and creativity of the students, it integrates the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of their growth in a well-rounded program. Teaching students to embrace their common humanity and to recognize their place in the web of life, the college strives to honor many faiths. It holds the conviction that individuals who are at peace with themselves will ultimately create a world at peace.

\ glcbldg.jpg
Photo above is the newly finished wing for the college department of Golden Link.

Enrollment Rises to 432

The total enrollment for school year 2009-2010 has risen to 432 students, which is about 32% higher than the previous year of 326. Of these, 58 are in preschool, 219 in elementary, 136 in high school and 19 in college.

GLC Receives Donation from TOS USA and Kern Foundation

The Golden Link College received a total of US$$74,613.86 from the TOS USA as a result of the offer of Kern Foundation for a matching grant for the Golden Link. The amount of $39,613.86 was raised by the TOS USA from members and sections around the world, while US$35,000 was contributed by the Kern Foundation. The Foundation originally offered a $30,000 matching grant, but John Kern increased it upon learning that the donation exceeded the $30,000 fund-raising target.

This year, 2009, the Kern Foundation has again offered a US$20,000 matching grant if the TOS USA can raise the same amount, totalling $40,000.

The funds raised by TOS USA and Kern Foundation will be used in the putting up of another building that will house the expanded college library and additional classrooms that will be needed next school year.

ASMAE Donates 25 Computers

Twenty five computers were donated to the Golden Link College by the French Catholic NGO ASMAE, through its Luzon Coordinator Marina Dubois. The units are now housed in the computer room at the second floor of the new college building. ASMAE is the French NGO founded by the well-known Catholic nun Sr. Emmanuelle and has been a project partner of TOS Philippines for more than ten years.


Free Summer Classes had 561 Students

A total of 561 students enrolled during the free summer classes last April and May, 2009, offered by Golden Link College. Almost all of the students came from other schools. They wanted to develop their English proficiency and personality. The free summer class is a yearly offering of Golden Link as a public service to poor students in the community. At the end of four weeks, all the students were trained to speak in front of a large audience where they delivered speeches, stories or poems.


New Zealand Donation Forms Core of College Library

The new college library was started with the donation of New Zealand Theosophical Order of Service of a containerload of books and magazines through the initiative of Maureen Paterson. The books are now part of the two libraries of the school: the Basic Education Library (preschool to high school) and the College Library. Books were also donated by members of the Singapore Lodge.

The initial one room space for the college library will no longer be sufficient with the donation of Dr. Estrellita Gruenberg of the library collection of her late father, Florentino B. Valeros, an author of textbooks on Philippine and English literature, as well as the donation of Miss Jean Lim of Megatexts Philippines of more than one hundred boxes of new textbooks and reference books for the new courses to be offered next year by the College Department. The College is now finalizing plans to transfer the library to a new building to be constructed sometime this year.


2nd Batch of High School Graduates

Eighteen fourth years graduated last March 31, 2009, while 25 students graduated from the elementary level. All the students delivered speeches during the Commencement Exercises in the presence of the parents, relatives and guests. Below are the photos of the high school and elementary graduates with their class advisers (Janice Gapaz and Eiren Galang), together with Vic Hao Chin, Jr. and Rekha Nahar, Administrator.

hsgrads2009.jpg gr6grad2009.jpg

The senior students seemed to miss Golden Link. On the very next day after graduation last March 31, the whole class came to school in full uniform although there were no more classes. They said they just wanted to spend their time in school. Since then they have been returning to Golden Link as a class even if most of them are already enrolled in other colleges or universities. Once a Golden Linker at heart, always a Golden Linker!

Lectures on Transformative Education

Seven universities and schools in Mindanao invited the GLC President, Vic Hao Chin Jr., to speak on "Transformative Education and Character Building" to their faculty and students last July 8-11, 2009. They were Notre Dame of Marbel University (Koronadal), Mindanao State University (General Santos), Polytechnic College of Davao del Sur (Digos), Cor Jesu College (Digos), University of Immaculate Conception (Davao), Philippine Women's College (Davao) and Rizal Special Education Learning Center (Davao). Many of the institutions requested for future seminars or follow up sessions. The photo below is at Notre Dame of Marbel University, Koronadal, South Cotabato.

vhc marbel.jpg

Lumen School in Bacolod to Start in 2010

Lumen School in Bacolod City will be starting in 2010 with its preschool classes. The school has been established by the Herbie Foundation, the foundation of Donato and Susana Cruz (President of Bacolod Lodge) and will be run under the guidance of Golden Link College. The school intends to go into grade school and high school levels. Two of Lumen's teachers are now training in Golden Link College for the current school year.

Bohol Plans to Open School

The Bohol Lodge of the Theosophical Society has initiated plans to establish its own school in Bohol and has purchased a one-hectare land through Golden Link in Cortes, Bohol, which is about 20 minutes away from the center of Tagbilaran, Bohol's capital city. The school is being initiated by the Bohol Lodge President, Cora Ponteres, who is currently connected with the provincial government of Bohol. 

Senior Students  Hold Children's Day

The graduating senior high school students sponsored a Children’s Day last December 14, 2008. They invited about 100 children from the neighborhood and conducted games and activities for them, as well as prepared gifts and food. The fund for the event came from the profits that they earned from their entrepreneurial project where they engaged in actual buying and selling items for several weeks.


Pertti Spets Visits Golden Link

Pertti Spets, the General Secretary of the Theosophical Society in Sweden, visited the Golden Link College last June 26, 2009. He also spoke on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali last June 27 at the Rizaliana Lodge of the TS in the Philippines. He wrote that he felt very impressed with the education work in the Philippines. Below is the photo of Pertti Spets with the Administrator, Rekha Nahar.


Bando President Visits Golden Link

The President of Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd. of Kobe, Japan, Mr. K. Tani, visited Golden Link and had short sessions with high school students. He taught the students some common phrases in Japanese. He was in the Philippines for a corporate meeting and decided to visit the school. Bando is one of the largest belting manufacturers in the world with factories in Asia, Europe and America. Below is the photo of Mr. Tani with Vic Hao Chin Jr. (right) and Pablito Chua (left).

bando pres.jpg

Park Chung Gyoo Visit

Park Chung Gyoo of Korea recently visited the school last July 7, 2009. Park is the Area Director of HB English Institute in Chun Ju City, Korea, managing 60 language institutes in the region. Park was formerly a social work volunteer who helped the Theosophical Order of Service in the Philippines in its social projects in the poor communities. Below is the photo of Park (in eyeglasses at the center) with teachers and students.


TOS Learning Center and Sunshine Learning Center Enrollment

The TOS Learning Center in San Vicente Ferrer in Caloocan City has an increase of enrollment this year of 72 pupils for nursery, kinder and preparatory levels, compared to 42 last year. The teacher-in-charge is Loredel Agustin.

Sunshine Learning Center, another preschool institution of the TS located at the national headquarters, has an enrollment of 33 pupils, compared to 25 last year. Sunshine conducted a free summer class last April and May for one month with an enrollment of about 70 students. The teacher-in-charge is Melissa Albano.


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