Issue19 - December 2011 - Annual Report       [ to TOS website ]

Welcome to all our regular – and new – readers of TOS This two- monthly electronic newsletter reports on the richly varied service work of Theosophists around the world, notably in association with the Theosophical Order of Service, which was started by Annie Besant shortly after she became President of the Theosophical Society in 1907. It offers ideas that we hope may inspire and energise you in your own personal or group service initiatives.

The format of the newsletter varies. If you haven't had time to read much of it over the past while, this is an ideal opportunity to catch up because in this issue the International Secretary, Diana Dunningham Chapotin, summarises our doings over the past year.

You’ll find a wealth of new material in this month’s update to the International TOS website. We’ve started a new topic in the For Members section to provide a collection of theosophically oriented funeral and memorial services. We’ve just started the collection and would welcome contributions of services and readings. Also in the For Members section, we’ve added another fundraising idea – holding a cinema event. This update’s Latest News provides information about the first brochure produced by the International TOS United Nations Committee to document the history of TS/TOS support for the United Nations. The Featured Project brings you an update on the Famine Relief Project in East Africa with a report by the Convenor of the TOS in Nairobi, Kenya, Usha Shah, on the second food distribution. The Theosophy of Service is the Featured Article. It is an excerpt from a talk by Dorothy Bell for the TOS session at the International Convention of the TS in Adyar in December 2010.

Minor correction to the minor correction in EN17 -
In our last issue, we stated that John Kern’s father, who founded the Kern Foundation, was named Henry. In fact, Henry was a very distant connection to the family. John’s father was Herbert Arthur Kern. We apologise for our continued error and trust that with the recent information from John, we have eventually ‘got it right’.  

Diana looks back over 2011

Reading an annual report can be quite soporific but those of you who manage to wade through this year’s TOS report may end up surprised at all that is being accomplished.  You may even end up ‘fired up’ to try out in your own country something you’ve discovered.  Happy reading!

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Remember that the newsletter is designed to be read while you are connected to the internet.

With best wishes,
Carolyn, Diana and Geoffrey


(L. to R.)
Carolyn Harrod is the National Coordinator of the TOS in Australia,
Geoffrey Harrod is the International TOS Webmaster, and
Diana Dunningham Chapotin is the International Secretary of the TOS


Harmony is unity in diversity.   
  –N. Sri Ram

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