An inspirational story about peace

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Once the peaceful inhabitants asked a very powerful wizard to stop all wars and bloodshed in their country. “It is simple,” he said. “I will destroy all weapons, and nobody will be able to fight any more.”

“That would be fine!” the peaceful people exclaimed. With a wave of the wizard’s magic wand, this was done.

There was peace in the country for three days, while the majority of those who were prone to fight, sought and could not find a weapon. But when they understood that they’d lost their weapons forever, they made spears from young trees, and started to fight again.

When the wizard heard such bad news, he said, “Do not worry. I will destroy all young trees, and these bullies will not be able to fight.”

After two or three days of fruitless searching for young trees, suitable for making spears, the rebellious people started to cut down giant trees and make new weapons from them, and the bloodshed started again.

The wizard destroyed all the big trees. Then the fighters made knives and swords of metal. When he destroyed all metal in the country, people made slings and began to throw stones at each other, so it was necessary to destroy the stones, too.

And then the peacekeepers sounded the alarm: all trees had disappeared; there were no metals and stones. How would the people live? What would they eat now? There would soon be no vegetation, and people would die without even fighting. “No, this is the wrong solution to the problem,” they said.

The wizard became confused. “I do not know what to do to prevent people from fighting,” he said. The peacekeepers fell into despair; they did not know what to do either.

And then one clever child turned to the wizard and said, “I know what you should do. Let people feel how others perceive their actions. If one person hurts someone, let them feel the same pain, and if they bring joy to someone, let them feel the same joy. So no one will hurt another, because they will feel pain immediately, too, and would have to stop.”

All the people were inspired with the greatness of the child’s thought, and the wizard carried out his idea exactly. He returned all trees, stones and metals, and even weapons.

Since that day, no one in the country has tried to hurt their neighbour, because they would have to feel the same pain, too. People began to remake the weapons into tools. They began to help each other, because they liked the sense of joy they felt. And they began to live in peace, harmony and joy.


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