Inner Transformation
APR 2011

Self-transformation: from egoism to altruism in service - Annie Besant in a 'conversation' with modern-day Dorothy Bell. It explores some of the issues surrounding self-transformation or inner growth in the context of service. All of the words attributed to Annie Besant are her own and have been extracted by Dorothy Bell from Annie Besant's writings.

JUN 2013 Dr Annie Besant … on Service, Duty and Sacrifice… by which fullness of life is made possible. Extracts fom some of her books and her biograhy. (16 pages PDF)  
  There is Wisdom in Action - by Carolyn Harrod.
In this world of manifestation, we cannot avoid action. Every thought and feeling, every choice to speak or remain silent, to walk away or become involved, to meditate or try to influence political decisions, is an action. The question for ourselves is: Are they choices imbued by the attributes of our spiritual transformation into ‘knowers of wisdom’ and therefore choices that will benefit humanity and all life?...
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  The Theosophy of Service - by Dorothy Bell.  
Across this planet, in the name of the Theosophical Order of Service, many different activities are taking place. These acts of kindness are not random but reflect a general attitude – an attitude generated by that original impulse upon which the Theosophical Society was built to stand for Life and Light, for Unity and Harmony and for Sister-Brotherhood....
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