Running Groups
  These are mostly Acrobat PDF files, so you can easily print them regardless of what word processor or computer type you have.
1.  Brochures
  3-fold double-sided A4 brochure about TOS   (PDF file )   (Word doc file)
The Doc version is provided in case you want to customise it. For printing as-is use the PDF.
2.  Fundraising


3.   Plan of Action
  Plan of Action document (PDF) .
4.  Posters - These are mostly large format files and may take a while to display
5.  'Principles of Organisation'

Guidelines for the management of the TOS from international to local level   (PDF files A4 size 9/12 pages ~0.5Mb)

  In English  /   Español  /   Portugese  /  Italiano

6.  'Serving In Our Communites'

Ideas for selecting and running projects in your community.
4-page PDF    688kb

7.  'TOS International Handbook'

The chief document in the handbook is a set of guidelines for the administration of the
TOS. Taking time to read these Principles of Organisation will provide a deeper
understanding of the nature of this organisation that strives to help the Theosophical
Society in its work of leavening society. Those wishing to explore the TOS’s work, its
aims, spiritual nature, history, or relationship with the Theosophical Society will find
enriching articles here. Resour ces are included that can be used freely in brochures,
posters, articles and talks about the TOS’s projects.

53-page PDF    9.6Mb

8.  TOS Startup Kit

This collection of documents was put together to serve as a start-up guide for people wanting to set up a new TOS group. It is also addressed to long-time TOS members wishing to improve their understanding of how the TOS functions. The nature of spiritually oriented service is a theme underlying the whole package.

  1. Introduction:   - a letter to enquirers, from the international secretary, Diana
  2. About the TOS - its origins and aims
  3. Getting things up and running: examples from Brazil and Canada
  4. What shall we do to participate in the work of the TOS?
  5. "O Powers of Love" - invocation
  6. "Brotherhood Forgotten" - an article by Joy Mills
  7. In the service of Life" - by Rachel Naomi Remen
    (Reproduced from the Noetic Sciences Review, Spring 1996)
  8. How can we help?"

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