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Drinking Water for all at Adyar

Until this past June, residents and workers at the TS’s international estate at Adyar have relied on ground water for their drinking supply. The Social Welfare Centre situated just outside the main gate of the compound also depended upon it. Gradually this water has become less suitable for drinking. 

 In early June, the TOS in Chennai facilitated the installation of a reverse osmosis water purification unit on the TS estate not far from the Headquarters Hall and the Buddhist Temple, in the building where the Post Office and the Indian Bank used to be, called Kashi Vilas.  A small ceremony was held followed by refreshments.  Ms K. Jaishree sang a verse from a classical composition.  Everyone is very happy to have pure drinking water again.

The well which served the Theosophical Society for so many decades no longer provides water that is reliable to drink.

The Reverse Osmosis Plant inaugurated on June 4, 2010.



Mrs Radha Burnier, the International President of the TOS cuts the blue ribbon to inaugurate the Drinking Water Plant.

TOS Chennai President, C.V.K. Maithreya offers the first glass of water to the International President, Radha Burnier.

Radha Burnier addresses the gathering.  She spoke a few words about her childhood in this area of the estate, when they lived across in the building called Vasantalaya; she and other youngsters would watch the workers drawing water from the well. She remarked that the quality of water was very good in those days.


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