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Working with a village in Hungary

In recent issues we have brought two news items on the youngest of our TOS groups – the TOS in Hungary, which was officially registered as a non-profit organisation in June 2011.  As reported, their first long term project was the ‘adoption’ of a flood-affected village with the blessing and support of the town’s municipal officers.

While activities so far have included emergency relief and the offering of gifts at Christmas, the group’s long term goal is to help the villagers build their own active self-help community. To this end, the group camped in the town for three days last August to get to know the villagers better and deepen already established bonds.  The team relates the experience here and updates us on what has happened since – a lot!


On the first day of our summer camp in the village of Borsodnádasd in the north of Hungary – whose population contains a great number of poor people with little or no education – we met the local social workers and became acquainted with their daily tasks and the problems they encounter. We talked about the main areas in which they need our help and we selected some activities on which to focus.  The first responsibility we were given was to support the instruction in nutrition, cooking and baby care given by the social workers to young mothers.  They need a place where the babies can play while the mothers are attending the talks.

Our core TOS team members met with the village’s social workers.

The camping team


Since the camp, we have therefore been busy collecting baby care items: a changing table and mattress, a play-carpet, toys, clothes, diapers, feeding bottles, a scale, linen, toiletries, etc.  The Family Service Office also plans to start handicraft workshops for children and young adults so we have been collecting all kinds of items for those: stationery, art material, beads, wood, etc.

Our camp was such a success that we agreed that our next summer camp would last a week and be focused around activities for the village children.

Our camp site

At the camp, amongst ourselves, we had lots of discussions about how best to help.  We also painted mandalas and took plenty of time to meditate together on unity.  We cooked on an open fire together and went on an outing also.  These simple joys in nature drew us even closer together.

Take a close look at these metal plates. We used them to bake our own theosophical version of a local specialty called 'molnárkalács', which are sweet biscuits.

Here is the result of our special baking.  Can you see the theosophical seal imprinted on the biscuits J?



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