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Issue12 - Oct 2010

Making the most of our website – using the home page

Have you ever wondered about how to show prospective members what the TOS does and just how active its members are in a wide range of areas?

Invite them to visit the home page of our International TOS website at  They’ll find a revolving slide show featuring TOS service activities from around the world. Currently we have photographs of TOS members at work in Australia, Italy, Kenya and India. Interspersed with these photographs are inspiring quotations related to service and the Oneness of all life. These quotations can be used as discussion starters, focuses for meditation or can be picked up for your publications. The revolving slide show is refreshed every two months. We hope you enjoy it.

The Featured Project described on the home page provides more detailed information about a significant service activity. With each update of the website a new project is featured.

Prospective members are often interested in the spiritual values that infuse the service work of the TOS as well as our approach to current issues related to peace, social welfare, animal concerns, the environment and healing, for instance. You’ll find a new Featured Article on the home page every time the website is updated. When you go to the linked article you will be able to print it out to share.

The home page also provides a quick overview of a current TOS news item, with a link to more detailed information. Look for Latest News.

Our International TOS website has lots of other useful information and we’ll be discussing some of it in the next few electronic newsletters. In the meantime, enjoy browsing the site.


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