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The TOS works locally and internationally in such areas as -

  • education
  • social welfare & justice
  • healing
  • peace
  • animal concerns
  • the environment
  • emergency relief

Would you like to join us in our work? You will find more information and ways of getting involved on this website.

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The TOS was founded to provide a framework in which people can engage in creative, practical and humanitarian action in a theosophical spirit. It offers opportunities for participation in activities promoting the First Object of the Theosophical Society - To form a nucleus of a universal brotherhood of humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour.

It also acts as a forum in which people may air their views on global affairs in the light of spiritual principles and the ideas of the theosophical philosophy - one source of unity beyond outward differences; the interrelatedness and interdependence of all forms of life; the ordered unfoldment of the cosmos in accordance with natural law.

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Recognition of the unique value of every human being expresses itself in reverence for life, compassion for all, sympathy with the need of all individuals to find truth for themselves, and respect for all religious traditions.

— The Theosophical World View

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Updated: DEC 2015

Flying Fingers Knit 15,000 Teddies in the UK!

The TOS Teddies for Tragedies project began in the UK in 2000. These soft little teddies, knitted with loving hands, are sent to children in need of a friend to comfort them. To date, 15,000 teddies have been knitted, 5,000 of them by the Bradford TOS alone. 

Featured Article

The Influence of the Theosophical Society on World Thought - Bhupendra R. Vora

Bhupendra R. Vora writes about the influence of the Theosophical Society on world thought, especially in combating racial segregation in Africa and in Kenya in particular.

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TOS International has a Facebook Page! In recognition of the importance of social media in today's society, we have set up a TOS International Facebook page and begun to send messages that we think are important to our friends. Not only can we use Facebook to make the TOS better known, and to share what we do with our TS friends, but also to share with all others in our circles of family and friends. Like us!

Flood Efforts Are Underway at Adyar

Historic amounts of rain have produced disastrous flooding in Chennai, India, including flooding at Adyar, international headquarters of the Theosophical Society. While buildings at Adyar sustained comparatively minimal damage, the City of Chennai suffered devastating damage, with more than 50,000 homes destroyed some of them belonging to staff at Adyar who lost everything. We are collecting donations to help with the flood relief efforts. Read more.

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