Issue 2 - January 2009

Dear fellow members of the TS and TOS around the world,


Welcome to this second issue of the on-line newsletter of the international TOS, which aims to keep you in touch with what is happening in the TOS, to allow you to get to know TOS members outside your own country, to keep you up to date with organisational developments and to bring information to inspire your service work within or outside the TOS.


This issue introduces our newest national TOS representative, reports on a TOS response to November’s terrorist nightmare in Mumbai and shares ten suggestions for personal action from a pillar of the TOS in Nairobi.


Remember that the newsletter is designed to be read while you are connected to the internet.


We welcome your contributions, either through your National TOS Director/President/Coordinator/ Correspondent or directly to the editors at:


Successful partnership with the Kern Foundation

Donations from around the world have been matched by the Kern Foundation to raise almost US$75,000 for the Golden Link School in the Philippines.   Read more in Latest News on our international TOS website.


Meet another of our new Correspondents

Deepa Kapur is the new Correspondent for the TOS in Tanzania. She has a deep commitment to social welfare and works particularly with children and women.   Read more ….


TOS news from around the world

Find out about TOS activities in Brazil, Cardiff in Wales, Chennai in India and the Sunshine Coast in Australia.   Read more ….


Teddies for Tragedies – update

The TOS in England continues to enthusiastically support this project and has now produced a series of greeting cards to publicise it and raise funds for more teddies.   Read more ….



What’s new on the International TOS website?

The new Featured Project and Featured Article on our International TOS website both focus on the inspiring work of TOS members to relieve the suffering of animals. There is also news of the Kern Foundation’s support for the Golden Link School in the Philippines and additions to the TOS photo gallery, reports and the Inspiration section.  Go to


What are your New Year resolutions?

Kiran Shah, a member of the TOS in Nairobi, shares his commitments for making a difference in our global community.   Read more ….


Evidence of cats and dogs being skinned alive for fur in China

See the video, read the report from PETA and join the action to prevent this cruelty.   Read more ….



UN International Days

For information on UN International Days from February to May 2009.


The power of petitions

Amnesty International has produced a thought-provoking video promoting the power of petitions.
  View it.  (4.2Mb WMF windows movie file)


Invitation from the USA TOS website

The TOS-USA website ( ) has been re-cast as a dynamic, user-built community website. Site members can easily comment on any article and even post their own article, or email their contribution to the webmaster. The interactive features of the website allow it to serve as an effective networking and communication tool for TOS members and friends.


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With best wishes,


Carolyn and Diana


Diana Dunningham Chapotin is the International Secretary of the TOS and

Carolyn Harrod is the National Coordinator of the TOS in Australia. 



“Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone. But it is also securing the space for others to contribute the best that they have and all that they are.”


--Hafsat Abiola


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