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  TED Talk: 7 Beliefs That Can Silence Women - Deepa Narayan Women's Empowerment is one of the TOS' foremost causes, hence we are highly honoured to feature Deepa's Ted Talk on our Newsletter. Of interest to TS/TOS members would be that Deepa is the daughter of former TS Vice President Surendra Narayan, and her mother was a former TOS India Director. Deepa Narayan is an international advisor on poverty, gender and development with more than 25 years of experience working at the World Bank, the UN and NGOs. JAN 2020
  New TOS Director in Spain We welcome our newest TOS Director, Alejandro Bruno, from Spain, with open arms and look forward to working with him and the TOS in Spain with renewed vigour and dedication to the "work". OCT 2019
  Cyclone Fani appeal Cyclone Fani made landfall in Odisha Region, India, on May 3, causing extensive damage in the state. Three main cities: Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Puri have been devastated. Thousands of big trees, electric poles, traffic signals posts and mobile phone towers have been uprooted and fallen on the roads. The strong winds blew off the thatched roofs of the houses in the poorer and rural areas. Though one may attribute such disaster to nature's fury, mankind is no less responsible. JUNE 2019
  A Tribute to John C. Kern May 22,1925 –Jan. 20, 2019 Great man, great soul, great server “Great man, great soul, great server”: these are the words expressed by American TOS member, Van Ly, when he learned of the passing of John C. Kern on January 20, 2019. Van Ly’s words certainly capture the essence of this Theosophist of exceptional human qualities and capacities. MAR 2019
  Au revoir, Carolyn! It is with great sadness that we farewell Carolyn Harrod of Brisbane, Australia, a veritable star in our TOS firmament, who passed away on October 14. She was an outstanding volunteer, both within Australia and at international level. Readers: discover more about Carolyn’s remarkable life here and enjoy a collection of photos of her in action within the TOS. DEC 2018
  Highlights from the TOS International Conference at Singapore - By Nancy Secrest The 4th TOS International Conference was a smashing success! Every five years, members of the TOS from around the world get together to report the results of their previous Action Plans, let others know what they are doing, listen to inspiring talks and make plans for the next five years. This time the TOS Conference was held in beautiful Singapore on the coat-tails of the Theosophical Society’s World Congress (WC). SEPT 2018
  Announcing David Sztain as New Director of TOS in Canada During the past 14 years Lorraine Christensen has served as TOS director, and felt greatly honoured to take on that role by Order of Appointment from our late international president, Radha Burnier ... MAR 2018
  International Secretary moves to Adyar In June Nancy Secrest, International Secretary of the Theosophical Order of Service, moved to Adyar. During this time she also traveled to various countries within the theosophical world spreading the news of TOS activities and connecting with TOS workers and friends. NOV 2017
  TOS Uganda Launch Easter Sunday was marked an historical day in the Theosophical history of Uganda. The TOS Uganda was launched at the 48th Convention in East and Central Africa. JUNE 2017
  TOS International Conference Save the date! The fourth International Conference will take place 9-11 August 2018 in Singapore. This is a working conference for all who are active in TOS work. MAR 2017
  Conference on Theosophical Education held in Odisha, India In late September 2016, some 45 representatives of twelve TS and TOS schools within India attended the National Conference on Theosophical Education. JAN 2017
  TOS International Secretary Visits Eastern Europe In August 2016, TOS International Secretary, Nancy Secrest, gave talks and TOS presentations and met with members of the Society and the TOS in Ukraine, Hungary, Slovenia and Poland. OCT 2016
  First National Theosophical Order of Service Camp in Varanasi, India This past March, for the very first time, the Theosophical Society hosted an all-India TOS gathering at its headquarters in Varanasi for representatives from most of its 21 regions. The goal of this event was for members to learn about each other’s work in alleviating suffering and to come to appreciate the difficulties at the grass roots level. The event was a great success.

JUNE 2016

  Mahendra and Shashi in Action! As a former National Director of the TOS in India, Mahendra Singhal is passionate about service. What is more natural, then, than for him to be deeply plunged in the support of a major new initiative, one initiated by Mr Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India himself? MAR 2016
  Flood Efforts Are Underway at Adyar Historic amounts of rain have produced disastrous flooding in Chennai, India, including flooding at Adyar, international headquarters of the Theosophical Society. DEC 2015
  Find Us on Facebook! TOS International has a Facebook Page! In recognition of the importance of social media in today's society, we have set up a TOS International Facebook page and begun to send messages that we think are important to our friends. Not only can we use Facebook to make the TOS better known, and to share what we do with our TS friends, but also to share with all others in our circles of family and friends. Like us!

DEC 2015

  Establishing Theosophical Schools In response to increasing interest in the introduction of theosophical principles and practices into schools, Vic shares ideas and suggestions based on more than 20 years’ experience in setting up and running theosophical schools in economically deprived areas of the Philippines. SEPT 2015
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JUNE 2015
  Farewell to Carolyn - Carolyn Harrod is retiring from the International TOS team after eight years' dedicated service, often "as the brains behind the operation", per former International Secretary Diana. Help us bid farewell to Carolyn by enjoying this collection of photos of her in action! JUNE 2015
  A Visit to Adyar - An account by our International Secretary, Nancy Secrest, about her visit to Adyar for the December 2014 International Convention and her pleasure in meeting many TOS members there. MAR 2015
  A Conversation with Nancy Secrest — In this conversation, Diana Dunningham Chapotin, the retiring International Secretary of the TOS chats with the newly appointed International Secretary, Nancy Secrest. DEC 2014
  TOS in Ukraine - The Theosophical Society in Ukraine has Lodges in the cities of Kiev, Yalta, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Kirovograd.  On the weekend of November 16-17, the TS held a conference at which it was decided to unite and coordinate under the name of the TOS, the humanitarian service work already taking place in these five Lodges. MAR 2014

Philippines emergency appeal - TOS and TS groups around the world have been sending donations to the TOS in the Philippines to assist their reief work following the super-typhoon Yolanda. Vic Hao Chin Jnr has sent three updates on this relief work that you can read here.

January 8, 2014 update
December 5, 2013 update
November 21, 2013 update

JAN 2014

The TOS salutes Radha Burnier - We honour her many decades of outstanding public and private work in the fields of education for the needy, preservation of the environment and animal welfare.... 

DEC 2013
  Tribute to Radha Burnier - The International President of the Theosophical Order of Service passed away on October 31, 2013, two weeks short of her 90th birthday.  NOV 2013
  2nd update on the International TOS Conference in 2013 - A three-day international TOS Workers’ Conference: Tuesday 23 July to Friday 26 July 2013 at the TS USA national centre, Wheaton, Illinois. A five-day Summer National Convention of the TS in America will take place immediately preceding the Conference: 19 July to 23 July.  Conference programme, Registration forms, and a video of the Wheaton campus. MAR 2013
  Update on the International TOS Conference in 2013 - We are happy to remind you of the three-day international TOS Workers’ Conference to be held at the national centre of the TS in America in Wheaton, Illinois from the evening of Tuesday 23 July to the evening of Friday 26 July, 2013. NOV 2012
  State Bank of India support for TOS work in the Assam and Arunachal Region of India -
There are currently about four million physically handicapped people in India.  Countless families cannot afford even the simplest mobility aids for their handicapped child, a situation that affluent nations would consider scandalous for their own children.  For the last nine years, the TOS in India has therefore maintained mobility aids as its national service project.
AUG 2012
  Invitation to an International TOS Conference in July 2013 - A three-day international TOS Workers’ Conference from the evening of Tuesday 23 July to Friday 26 July, 2013 at Olcott, the TS USA national centre in Wheaton, Illinois. A five-day Summer National Gathering of the TS in America will take place immediately preceding the Conference, from 19 July to 23 July.  All are invited to attend this event as well.  Outline of programme. APR 2012
  TOS International Conference 2013 - We are happy to announce that the TS and TOS in America have kindly agreed to host a three-day international TOS Workers’ Conference at Olcott, its national centre in Wheaton, Illinois.  TOS office-bearers and those with responsibilities in the TOS at international, national or local level are warmly invited to attend FEB 2012
  TS support for UN - The TOS UN Committee has now published its first brochure, documenting the history of support that the TS has given to the United Nations. The brochure describes “how the TS's history of support spans a century, going back to the early days when the TS was a leader in sowing seeds of internationalism and world brotherhood.” DEC 2011

TOS initiatives in Brazil - . A small group of theosophists travelled by car through ten cities and gave talks on theosophy, selling books and magazines, and mentioning the TOS’s work as well.

OCT 2011
  Good news from the Philippines - Recently, the Golden Link College’s Chairperson, Vicente Hao Chin, Jr, sent photos to the TOS in America and to John Kern of the new four-storey building that the fundraising project helped to build. Here are pictures of the building and an exchange of emails between Vic and John. ... AUG 2011

Welcome to the TOS in Hungary - The TOS group came into being specifically to support the work of a new branch of the TS, called Forrás (meaning ‘source’ or ‘spring’), whose special focus is on showing theosophical teachings in action and on reaching out to other brotherhood-centred organisations.

JUN 2011
  Subba Row Medal - Joy Mills, one of the most outstanding teachers of theosophy the Theosophical Society has ever had in its ranks, has been awarded the Subba Row Medal by the General Council of the Society in recognition of her extensive contribution to Theosophical literature and understanding.  We congratulate her warmly on this richly deserved award.... APR 2011

Kern Foundation offers to match donations to the Golden Link College in 2011 - Building on the success of the last three years’ fundraising project, the Kern Foundation has offered up to US$20,000 to match donations to the Golden Link College in the Philippines in 2011.

FEB 2011

Golden Link School - The end of the year brings great news. As a result of the generosity of TOS and TS members around the world, we have reached our target of US$20,000 in donations to the Golden Link College in the Philippines. Donations made through the TOS in America are eligible for the matching grant from the Kern Foundation, so the College will receive US$40,000 this year to support its building and development program....

DEC 2010

Rome Congress - Fundraising Sale - Photos taken at the handicraft “bazaar” organised by the Theosophical Society in Italy at its World Congress in Rome in mid-July. The sale was organised to raise funds for three projects of the Theosophical Order of Service....

JLY 10
  The TOS at the TS World Congress in Rome - We are happy to let you know that a TOS panel is included in the programme of this event.  The overall theme of the Congress is “Universal brotherhood without distinctions: a road to awareness”. The theme of the TOS panel will be “Service as a road to awareness”.  (more...) MAY 10

Chile Earthquakes - What you may not have heard about is the major damage to the TS centre in Santiago. It was a very beautiful, but very old building with three floors ... the 3rd floor completely collapsed and the second floor partially collapsed. (more...)

MAR 10

Invitation from the TOS in America to aid Haiti - .... At the TOS-USA we looked for an organisation we could support ... Federation pour les Enfants d’Haiti is uniquely positioned to serve the people of Port au Prince.   (more...)

MAR 10
  The World Around Us - The launch of a new book collecting together the best of Radha Burnier's On The Watchtower editorials from The Theosophist magazine. Edited by Pedro Oliviera. (more...) JAN 10

The Golden Link School in the Philippines is now renamed Golden Link College with the opening of its modest college department with two course offerings: Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Elementary Education.
(more... )

SEP 09

News of a visit to Africa - In April 2009, Mr Chaganti V.K. Maithreya and Dr Sunita Maithreya had the pleasure of visiting Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Zambia in support of the work of the Theosophical Society, Theosophical Order of Service and Order of the Round Table. The 44th Convention of the East & Central African Section, together with the 2nd Conference of the Pan-African Theosophical Federation was held in Kampala from April 10th to April 12th, 2009. (more...)

JUL 09

Kern Foundation offers to match donations to the Golden Link School in 2009
Following the enormous success of last year’s fundraising project, the Kern Foundation has offered up to US$20,000 to match donations to the Golden Link School in the Philippines in 2009. ( more... )

MAR 09


Successful partnership with Kern Foundation
TOS and TS members and groups around the world have responded magnificently to the offer from Mr John Kern and the Kern Foundation to match donations made in 2008 through the TOS in the USA to the Golden Link School in the Philippines. ( more...)

JAN 09


World Congress 2010
The dates and venue of the 2010 World Congress of the Theosophical Society have recently been announced.
( more...)

NOV 08
  Kern Foundation offers to match donations to Golden Link School
Through the generosity of John Kern and the Kern Foundation the TOS in the USA has been offered a $30,000 matching grant to support the Golden Link School in the Philippines. What this means is that during the calendar year 2008 any donation to the school that is made through the TOS-USA will be doubled. ( more...)
AUG 08

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