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(From Special EN November 2012)

From the end of August 2011 until February 2012, 55 families in the village of Kaamba in Kitui District, 130 kms east of Nairobi, were given enough staple foods to keep them alive pending the return of the rains.  In the meantime funds were collected by TS and TOS members within Kenya and around the world for the construction of a bore hole and water pump, and for the purchase of seeds, fruit trees and solar lamps. 

The photo to the left shows Nairobi TOS Convenor, Usha Shah, dancing with village women at the completion of the project.

  Nairobi TOS members celebrated the opening of the bore with its manual pump. It was officially handed over to the ‘Tuesday Organisation Society’, the collective of village women who administer the water supply. The group meets on a Tuesday, hence the name.

Village members were joined by TS and TOS members to plant trees that would be watered from the bore.


  TOS members had prepared a party for the village children.
  The children received teddy bears knitted by TOS members in Italy.
  Usha Shah (centre) with Njoki, the Chair Lady of the ‘Tuesday Organisation Society’.  Njoki said that their village was the only place with water for miles around.  She added that the Kaamba community will soon be self-sufficient and lead a life of dignity and self-respect.

(From EN November 2012)


The Hungarian TOS Group, MA-TESZ, has celebrated another initiative: the publication of an English language electronic newsletter.

They have also established a healing group that meets weekly, using the Healing Ritual developed for the TOS by Geoffrey Hodson.


South Africa

Ann Davis, a member of Pretoria Lodge, with Roscoe, the Guide Dog who lived with her and her family during his early training.

You can enjoy Rosco's letters in the TOS e-newsletters for 2012.

International visitors to Adyar

During a School of the Wisdom at Adyar, participants' attention was drawn to the debris-strewn state of the Adyar beach in front of the Theosophical Society estate. They decided to help clean up the huge amount of waste matter accumulated there.

The following Saturday morning they met in front of Leadbeater Chambers where rubber gloves and big bags were distributed, along with five rakes from the Garden Department.


After working for about two hours, the result was spectacular.  Although they were hot, sweaty and dirty, they were really happy at the difference in the look of the beach, so they met again the following Saturday. 

As one participant remarked, "A little service to balance our study was salutary for us all!  We were all reminded of the urgent need to reduce the use of plastic which ends up as garbage."


Argentinian TOS member, Maria Rosa Martínez, commented, "It is a universal truth that sharing work brings you closer to other human beings. There we all were – members from India, USA, Canada, Finland, England, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and so on — not talking, just bending down and filling bags, bending down and filling bags, resting, then bending down and filling bags…."

Pictured to the left, Maria Rosa Martínez and her husband, Ernesto García, of Argentina
  Another of the participants in the School of the Wisdom, Australian TOS member, Lucille Crocker, organised the collection of donations for the purchase of mattresses, pillows, sheets and pillow covers for the boys at the HPB Hostel.  With the help of Sunita and C.V.K. Maithreya of the TOS in Chennai, they were purchased and delivered before the School of the Wisdom course was ended.


The Canadian TOS welcomed members and visitors who are new arrivals to Canada to a special talk by guest speaker, Promila Sharma. She spoke on the subject, “Welcoming New Canadians”.

Promila joined the TS in India in the mid-1980’s and is a strong advocate of the TS’s principal object of promoting universal brotherhood and sisterhood. Promila, who recently joined the TOS in Canada, seeks to carry that message through her work with newcomer clients in Calgary.  

TOS member Elaine Pederzolli (left) presents Promila with a gift to thank her for her talk at the TOS meeting.


Seated next to guest speaker, Promila Sharma, we see Olimi Shirinbek, a medical doctor from Moscow who is on a visiting permit and recently joined the TOS.

Three other new Canadians can also be seen in this photo. Seated on the left is Svetlana Borovko from Russia who is a member of the Veritas Study Centre of the TS. Seated together in the left back corner is guest Ayesha Hyder from Pakistan and Pearl Sztain from Israel. Pearl is also a member of the Veritas Study Centre and serves on the Administrative Committee of the TOS in Canada.



The TOS in Hungary has ‘adopted’ a flood-affected village with the blessing and support of the town’s municipal officers. They began by offering emergency relief and then, at Christmas, they put together collections of gifts for families. You’ll find more about their continuing support for the village in the Featured Project on our website.





The Brisbane TOS group conducted a successful one-day seminar to raise awareness of the importance of our forests. Participants also donated to the Qandeel schools in Pakistan, supported by Australian TOS groups.

Guest presenters spoke about:

  • Using essential oils and herbs from the forest
  • Restoring the world’s tropical forests
  • Our spiritual connection with nature

Following a relaxed and social lunch, participants enjoyed creating baskets from natural and recycled materials under the leadership of artist and TOS member, Karen Cipressi.


New Zealand

The TOS was invited to participate in a very successful Open Day held at the HPB Lodge of the TS in Auckland, New Zealand in March. 

To the right we see Renée Sell, TOS Coordinator for New Zealand. She reports: “We were graced with a lovely sunny day for the first ever Open Day at HPB Lodge.  There were a number of new faces who got to see what the TOS was about.  We raffled a quilted bag with small gifts in it and a donated book.  The delighted winner was a long- time HPB Lodge member and our TS HQ’s postal librarian, Sharn Laurie.  We also set up our usual stand of donated items for sale.”


Here we see Renée and her husband Richard in front of some of the TOS’s display items providing information on the TOS around the world, on the specific projects overseas that NZ members support (such as the Golden Link College) and on the Geoffrey Hodson Scholarship Fund.  Renée made a small presentation on the work of the TOS during the day.

Much to the delight of the TOS, the NZ Vegetarian Society also had a display stand. TOS members around the world do a great deal toward the improvement of human health, for animal welfare and for the protection of the environment so the Vegetarian Society’s table was considered particularly welcome.
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