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Issue 12 - October 2010


Dear fellow-members of the TS and TOS around the world,

We hope that you are enjoying keeping in touch with what is happening in our international TOS community. Our electronic newsletter aims to bring you information to inspire your service work within and outside the TOS and to help you get to know TOS members outside your country.

In this issue we highlight a milestone for a beloved and dedicated TOS and TS member, Joy Mills, who celebrated her 90th birthday on October 9.  We thank all donors to the appeal for the restoration of the TS Headquarters building in Chile following last February’s earthquake. You’ll find lots of news about TOS members and groups: the exploits of longstanding TOS in America member, Miles Standish, information about the Glasgow TOS’s initiative to knit teddies for children suffering after the earthquake in Haiti, and news from TOS Groups in India, Kenya, the Philippines, Australia and the USA. You are invited to find out about four UN days that could provide a catalyst for service activities. The article in this issue is the talk that Vicente Hao Chin, Jr, President, Theosophical Society in the Philippines, gave at the TS World Congress in Rome. In it, Vic challenges us to make Theosophy part of mainstream society.

Remember that the newsletter is designed to be read while you are connected to the internet.

Please consider sending photographs of your TOS activities and news items that might be of interest to fellow TOS members. We would welcome your contributions, either through your National TOS Director/President/Coordinator/Correspondent or directly to the editors at:


Celebrate with Joy

On the occasion of Joy Mills’ 90th birthday, the International TOS interviewed her about her experiences in the TOS. As Joy puts it, “In one way, I never felt a distinction between working for the TS and doing something for the TOS, one just flowed into the other, the one being just a natural outgrowth of the other, if I can put it that way.”   Read more ….


Meet Miles Standish from the TOS in America

There’s surely no one in the TS and TOS in America who doesn’t love longstanding TOS member, Miles Standish from the little town of Cottonwood, Arizona! In the name of the TOS and of his computer club, over the past few years Miles has collected and delivered items to the Sioux tribe on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, to the Hualapai in northern Arizona and to the San Carlos Apache Reservation in eastern Arizona.   Read more ….


Thanks to donors for supporting the Chile appeal

You may recall that the HQ building of the TS in Santiago, Chile was badly damaged in the earthquake last February.  Upon learning of this, the TS in America offered to transmit donations for anybody who cared to help out.  The American Section has announced that the amount of money needed to carry out the substantial repairs has been gathered.   Read more ….


TOS news from around the world

Find out about recent TOS activities in Nairobi in Kenya, the USA, Orissa in India, the Philippines and Australia.   Read more ….


Making the most of our website – using the home page

Have you ever wondered about how to show prospective members what the TOS does and just how active its members are in a wide range of areas?

Take a look at the home page of our International TOS website at



What’s new on the International TOS website?

Check out the latest TOS publication, Helping the Dying by Nelda Samarel, in the Latest News. Clean water is one of the greatest gifts we can give and our new Featured Project takes you to Chennai to visit a new water purification plant installed by the TOS. The new Featured Article challenges us to consider a variety of ways in which we can work towards peace. There are also additions to the TOS photo gallery and the Inspiration section.   Go to


Teddies for Haiti

Do you remember the Teddies for Tragedies project promoted by the English TOS? Well, it is spreading its warmth around the globe. Knitters organised by the Italian TOS have been creating Teddies for Tanzania and now a Glasgow TOS member has been gathering together a group of knitters to make Teddies for children traumatised by the earthquake in Haiti.   Read more ….


Planting Seeds of Influence… a talk given at the TS World Congress in Rome, July 2010

by Vicente Hao Chin, Jr, President, Theosophical Society in the Philippines.

Vic challenges us to take a different perspective and make Theosophy part of mainstream society… “It is now time, I believe, for the Theosophical Society still more actively to participate in the moulding of popular culture, social values and public opinion.”   Read more ….


UN International Days for community activities

We feature four International Days:

October 4          World Habitat Day

October 10        World Mental Health Day

November 25     International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

December 3       International Day of Persons with Disabilities


For information and ideas for activities in which TOS groups could engage,    Read more ….


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With best wishes,

Carolyn, Geoffrey and Diana

Carolyn Harrod is the National Coordinator of the TOS in Australia,

Geoffrey Harrod is the International TOS Webmaster and

Diana Dunningham Chapotin is the International Secretary of the TOS.


To open one's heart, to become resistance-less and barrier-less, is the means of true understanding, as well as of pouring out any possible help. Let the kingdom of your heart be so wide that no one is excluded.

N. Sri Ram


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