Issue 3 - March 2009

Dear fellow members of the TS and TOS around the world,

We hope you are enjoying keeping in touch with what is happening in the TOS internationally. Our international electronic newsletter aims to keep you up to date with organisational developments, to bring you information to inspire your service work within or outside the TOS and to help you get to know TOS members outside your own country.

This third issue invites you to take advantage of the Kern Foundation’s generous offer to match donations to the Golden Link School in the Philippines, introduces some of New Zealand’s TOS workers, shares a poster from the Spanish TOS, reports on a group of Theosophists’ participation in a UN activity, brings you a science report on the contribution of animal farming to global warming, and shares good news about the increase of teenage volunteering in the USA and an article in which a scientist questions the ethics of using animals in research.

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Take advantage of the Kern Foundation’s offer and support the Golden Link School in the Philippines

Following the enormous success of last year’s fundraising project, the Kern Foundation has offered up to US$20,000 to match donations to the Golden Link School in the Philippines in 2009. Read more in Latest News on our international TOS website.

Meet some of the TOS team in New Zealand

The TOS in New Zealand was first started in 1910 but it has had several ‘incarnations’ since then. The current team came together in 2003 and is thoroughly enjoying involving members around the country in making Theosophy practical. Read more...

Find out about the latest TOS activities in Australia, India, Italy, the Philippines and the USA.  


Poster to promote the TOS

Take a look at this great initiative from Spain.  Read more...

What’s new on the International TOS website?

The new Featured Project on our International TOS website shares three inspiring projects that the Swedish TOS conduct to improve the lives of street children in Latvia.

In the new Featured Article Pedro Oliveira reflects on what he has learnt from his fellow bus travellers. There is also news of the latest offer from the Kern Foundation to match donations to the Golden Link School in the Philippines and additions to the TOS photo gallery and the Inspiration section.  

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Have you ever wondered about the effect that our eating choices make to our planet’s well-being?

Cutting back on beefburgers and bacon could wipe $20 trillion from the cost of fighting climate change. Read more...

Our duty towards fellow animals

This article by A.C. Grayling appeared in The New Scientist in November, 2008. In it, the author comments on recent agreements about the use of animals in research and questions the ethics of using any mammal, and even other animals such as crustaceans Read more...

Report of Theosophists in India joining UN campaign

Demonstrating Universal Brotherhood in action, Theosophists in Adyar joined a United Nations led campaign to show solidarity with brothers and sisters worldwide in over 100 countries demanding reduction in poverty.  Read more...

UN International Days

For information on UN International Days from April to July 2009.

Survey: More teens volunteer than work part-time

American teens are setting an example for their parents through their volunteer work, according to a new poll by Harris Interactive. Read more...

The power of individual action

This inspirational video tells the story of a little boy to highlight the importance of taking responsibility and the power of individual action. View it.

Invitation from the USA TOS website

The TOS-USA website ( ) has been re-cast as a dynamic, user-built community website. Site members can easily comment on any article and even post their own article, or email their contribution to the webmaster. The interactive features of the website allow it to serve as an effective networking and communication tool for TOS members and friends.

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With best wishes,

Carolyn and Diana

Diana Dunningham Chapotin is the International Secretary of the TOS and
Carolyn Harrod is the National Coordinator of the TOS in Australia. 

Sai Baba (is said to have said):The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray.”